Ciao Roma!

I'm currently in Italy working as a teaching assistant for a 5 week photography trip through Northeastern University. The first leg of the trip being in Rome, and the second in Venice. 

I'm gonna start this off by saying I never loved Rome. When I think of Italy, the last thing I think of is traffic and dirty streets, and that was always my impression of Rome. But third time's the charm they say right? I'm staying in the neighborhood of Trastevere, just over the Tiber river not far from the downtown historical center. 

Now, having visited the city for a week two years ago, I had done most of the touristy attractions. I had learned about the gladiators, walked through the forum, even ventured outside the city to the Maxxi museum, so this trip, I wanted to just simply explore. A few days in, I discovered a new side to Rome that I never truly appreciated - the street food. Man are there some amazing arancini and quick pizza places. 

Here are my highlights:

I Suppli: Best arancini (aka suppli) I've ever had. They were filled with artichokes, peas and sausage and were crunchy, creamy and so so delicious! And only a euro or two each!

Ai marmi: Damn good pizza. Huge crowds - worth the wait.

Giolitti: I'm a gelato girl, and this was the best gelato/ice cream/frozen dessert I've ever had. Known as the gelato shop of the pope, this place lived up to its name. Unique flavors, amazing taste and great presentation.