Working 65 hours a week PLUS taking a class means I have absolutely no time to cook lunch or dinner, there's been a lot of grubhub-ing recently. So I decided to do some much needed meal prep early this week. I made some Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatiki sauce, grilled artichokes, and did some salad prep. But the most exciting part, was that I finally harvested my mint plant!

A few weeks ago, I decided to do some urban gardening, and bought a mint plant. Now, let me tell you, I know nothing about gardening, so I went in VERY much blind. After a few weeks of tender love and care, aka watering it daily, I finally harvested it! I only took half of the leaves off, because I was a bit nervous, but they smelled wonderful - the whole apartment was minty fresh! 

I decided that I really wanted to make a mint mojito, but per our lack of rum, I made a hard mint lemonade and it was amazing. I chopped up the mint, releasing some of the oils, and placed them into an ice cube tray, filling it with water. A few hours, the cubes were ready to be used! I mixed 6oz of Nantucket Nectars lemonade with 2oz of Keel Vodka over 5-6 mint infused ice cubes and garnished with a lemon slice. It was the perfect after work drink.