Cape & ACK

This past weekend, Anna, Beth, Jamie & I booked our first Airbnb, and traveled down to Falmouth, MA for a few days. Our house was absolutely gorgeous. Think typical salt withered shingling, hydrangeas, and an all white interior. We were in love. And the best part, is that it was steps away from a private beach.

We arrived late Friday night, and pretty much unpacked and went right to sleep. We woke up Saturday morning, made some pancakes, and headed to the beach. It was such a beautiful day, almost too beautiful as all four of us got incredibly sun burnt. I'm talking BRIGHT red. That night, we made frozen margaritas and chicken tacos and ate on the deck. It was another relatively early night, as we had to wake up wicked early the next morning in order to catch the ferry to Nantucket. 

Sunday, we were up super early, and out the door by 8, on the ferry by 9, and on Nantucket by 11. The ferry was a bit rough, waves and sunburn don't exactly get along. But it was totally worth it. I fell in love with the island the moment we stepped off of the boat. We shopped down the main streets, spending a good amount of time at the In the Pink store, Murrays and NRO. We grabbed a quick lunch, then headed over to grab some ice cream from The Juice Guys. It was definitely worth the wait, it was incredible. We then made our way back to the ferry and boarded at 5!

Now, we thought this would be the end to our weekend, but that was not the case. The moment we got back to Hyannis, it started torrentially down pouring. I mean like A LOT of rain was going on. We drove about a 1/2 an hour before we decided it was not safe to continue. We got off the highway in Plymouth, and bunkered down at the Plymouth Marriott. We were the only people there. I mean, who stays in Plymouth Massachusetts on a Sunday night? We definitely made the best of it, spending some time in the pool and hot tub, suffering through the sun burn pain. 

The next morning, we were on our way back to the bean, making a yummy pitstop at iHOP (my first visit there ever!). Overall, it was such an incredible weekend and I cannot wait to go back to Nantucket in a few weeks!