Sunday morning, most of the class headed to Florence. Ramin and I opted for the 9:30 train (instead of the 6:30 one we did last year) and got into the city two hours later at 11:30. We first walked over to the Academia to see if we could get tickets to see the David as they were sold out online, but unfortunately the line was absolutely crazy, so we made our way over to the Ponte Vecchio to grab some lunch at Buca dell’orafo, the amazing restaurant we discovered last year. Unfortunately, since it was Sunday, it was closed. So we found a cute outdoor restaurant called Celestina right over the bridge where I had some amazing tortellini with bolognese and peas. At this point, it was piping hot and the sun was right overhead, so we were struggling a little bit…

After lunch, Courtney, Alexa, Aileen, Nicole, Megan, Elaine, Josh, Ramin and I headed over to the Boboli Gardens. They were stunning. It was a nice change of pace from the cities we’ve been in for the past couple of weeks. At the top of the hill were spectacular views of the entire city.

We then walked back across the city, over the Ponte Vecchio to the Duomo. Ramin and I had visited it last year, but it was just as incredible. Unfortunately, the dome was closed, so we couldn’t climb to the top, but it was a worthwhile visit nonetheless. 

Then it was segway time. So last year, Ramin, Sam and I rented segways and segwayed all over the city. It was one of our favorite things we did, so Ramin and I decided that we had to do it again. So all seven of us got on our segways and took Florence by 15mph storm. The best part were the looks we got - it’s not an everyday occurrence to see seven college-aged kids zooming around on segways, but it was worth every penny.

Nicole, Alexa, Megan, Aileen, Court and I wanted to go shopping for a bit, so we broke off from the group and hit up the main drag towards the train station. I bought a really nice leather wallet and a few souvenirs so it was a successful shopping trip. 

Then the rain came. And I don’t mean a sprinkle or two. No. Downpour. Absolute downpour. We took shelter under a little panini cart for a bit, but we knew we had to get to the train station soon or else we’d miss our train. It showed no signs of stopping so we literally sprinted in our dresses over to the train station. We were soaking wet, but we had time to grab a quick dinner (at McDonald’s….no judging) before we boarded our train.